The Eyes Have it

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. It is my experience that the eyes are our windows into other souls. When I truly look at another person, I feel an energy exchange.

Two neighbors of mine recently experienced their mother’s death. When my Mom died, I experienced a profound opening. I looked deeply more deeply into other people’s eyes. Yesterday, I went to a neighborhood gathering and I wanted to connect with each woman and express my sympathies.

Each time as I genuinely and compassionately listened to their story, I looked deep into their eyes and saw the enormity of who they were. I was touched and filled by the connection.

We live in a world of people who are hungry to be seen, to be heard, and to be valued. One of the most powerful ways of giving that to another, is to simply look into their eyes.

I remember a time when I was depressed, and I stopped at a stop sign to wait for cross traffic to clear. I wasn’t paying attention. It was cold and blustry. A woman tugging a little girl had to walk out front around the nose of my car, because I had pulled too far forward. Then I felt shame for being so thoughtless. Just at the moment that the little girl was straight in front of me, she turned and looked into my eyes. The power of that gaze was amazing. Her face lit up into a brilliant smile. Twenty some years have passed, and I am still lit up inside by that tiny but powerful moment.  

This past weekend, I sang in a chorus for a crowd of 1100 people. Our conductor initiated the singing group, and was retiring after 25 years. Song is another powerful medium to the soul. As we sang one of our final encore songs, Roger began on the right side of the chorus and touched each one of us singers with his gaze. We were singing. The band was playing. Roger was conducting. But that moment became so powerful and enlarged. We looked at Roger as he looked at us individually, The moment was so intense that tears began dripping down my face.

For that few minutes there was such openness, awareness, and sharing of souls. We each were gifted in the presence, and by the presences of the others.

At the celebration party afterwards, we were happy, joyful and exuberant as we listened to more music and danced. My heart was full. My being was full. Soul to soul we had connected in song. Our audience joined with us in a sing-a-long.

For that time and for me, a full two days afterward, I felt tuned in, tapped in, turned on. I felt enhanced as a human. I experience all of us rising above the discord and human condition, and savoring our experience together. For a while we were in perfect harmony together. And I saw it in our eyes.

Dragon are Populating my life

When I was younger I read the Dragon Rider Series by Anne McCaffrey. Such a yearning would dwell in my heart after I finished each book. I wanted to feel that telepathic bond with another being. My whole body would resonate with the possibility of being that close and connected with another.

After years of meditative writing, I’ve come closer to that experience of being deeply connected. I find that I have to open to the connection. The connection just doesn’t happen. It requires intention on my part.

As I have written and edited Ride the Wild Dragon, dragons have begun appearing in unexpected ways. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the free table where I live, and I found a precious stuffed dragon that had been very loved by some child. I took him home and washed him. Now I keep him right by my writing space. Just now, I sat him next to the computer on my lap. He’s a wonderful mascot and my heart leaps with delight every time I see him.

In my last revision, a metaphor jumped onto the page. We humans have the fight or flight response deep in our DNA. Now instead of fighting the changes that come our way, we have the choice of flight by jumping astride our dragon. As we gain altitude we get perspective. We grip our dragon with our legs, and lay our hearts against the warmth of dragon skin. And our hearts and minds beat together.

Feb2013 Xmas Roger San Juan 098

Into the Eyes of the Dragon

While I was writing one of the last chapters of the book, I wondered what “my dragon” would look like. I closed my eyes.

She popped into my mind with such beauty and clarity that it took my breath away. Her nose was close to my nose, and she had the most incredible loving eyes I had ever seen. She was gold and orange. All I could see was her beautiful eyes and her head.

My mind went a little wild for an instant. I almost never see that kind of startling images. I more sense than see. Here she was in blazing color, close up and personal.

This mind of mine created such static that soon there felt like a screen between my dragon and me.

To keep the image alive and fresh, the universe gifted me with two other experiences. I went to San Juan Island a month later. My friend wanted to stop and look at a camel that was out in a field. I gathered my camera and approached. All of a sudden my head turned and I was caught by a gaze directly into my eyes. The llama companion was focused on my eyes. I lifted my camera and here she is as I saw her.

Days before publishing the book, my daughter called me after going to Baha to watch whales. She can talk to animals very easily. She called out to connect with a whale in the bay that held a pod of grey whales. A mother whale answered.

The mother whale surfaced next to the 20 foot boat, and nudged the bow of the boat to an angle where she was nose to nose with my daughter. Then she looked profoundly into my daughter’s eyes. The whale’s head was about twelve feet wide and the eyes were only about six feet away from my daughter’s.

Slowly Amber reached out and stroked the face of this dragon of the sea as tears fell down her face.

I could hardly breathe as I listened to this story.

Lovely dragon eyes holding such immense awareness and caring is powerful to behold.

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Ride the Wild Dragon

Last night I told my roommate that I get crabby every time I’m doing something new, just like my son would get when he was learning a new video game. “What makes you any different from the rest of the human race?” she asked. I kind of stuttered. Inside, I thought, “but I’ve worked so hard to learn better ways. I should know better by now. This should be easy.”

After three years of being a nomad, I had settled into a new community with a new friend and roommate. I was thankful. I had lived in many places. I thought I knew how to deal with constant change. I was happier than I had ever been in my life. I was trusting Source to provide my needs and desires. I was being blessed pretty regularly. Life was good. After a really long haul, I was skiing through my wonderful life.

Then I hit a patch of moguls, and I couldn’t see the end of them. Moguls are those icy hills that are created on ski slopes as people turn the opposite way to zig and zag down a slope. I felt like I was slamming into one at every turn.

My dearest aunt died unexpectedly. A fire in a duplex 20 feet from my bedroom burned out my friends and put four people in the hospital. I was told that my brother had a stroke while he was in the Philippines. The shocks just kept coming. When I broke my ribs I began asking “What is going on?” My year was full of events that were out of my control.

I went through all kinds of emotional reactions; shock, terror, fear, disorientation, dismay, and sheer incredulousness. What the heck was happening? Each mogul felt like a personal hit. Even though I sincerely was trying not to take it personal, the effects on me were very personal.

Finally another colitis flare occurred. I had to go to basics to get back my health and well being. My body emphasized I needed to learn a different way.

After eight months of mogul riding, (and lots of praying) two wonderful things happened. I had spent years studying the laws of manifestation. I wanted a home base with a supportive community. I wanted to write and publish with a support system. By the end of August both of those goals were a reality. It was an exhilarating ride. Ask and it is given. And I gratefully received.

The Laws of Success and the Laws of Attraction are concepts that I’ve lived and practiced, and yet as the year progressed, I was swept off my feet. And finally, I asked for two very important things to come into my life. When those two manifestations arrived, I was ecstatic. Then as I lived them the change was overwhelming. They were all good things, and yet the changes were so sweeping in my life and came so fast that there was not a chance to adapt. There were new people, new places, new friends, new communities, new techniques, and new technologies. I was swirling.

Here I was getting just exactly what I wanted, needed, and asked for. Yet I felt pushed way past my limit to flow and adjust. I became very cranky. After I had asked for these powerful additions to my life, I had waded through the gap of unknowing. Not knowing how, when (and always my crazy brain asks if) or where these desire would manifest, I was uncomfortable and a bit scared while waiting to see how my requests would turn out. And I thought that was tough!

Then my requests were fulfilled, I was thrilled. Within a month I was out of control again responding to the stress of the good stuff. And I was perplexed. How could I know so much about the laws of attraction, co-create so much, and yet feel like I was in overload?

So I wrote a book